Original Artwork and alot of Zeppelin!
by: Tom Lembke.

I'm an artist, I draw, I write, I play music. I'm attending college for animation and my goal is to work at DreamWorks Studios. My blog is dedicated to my art, my music, and my life.


Three Birds of the Knuckle

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Rest In Peace, Captain Harper

   Last night a a great soul left this earth bound for someplace better, a soul filled with courage that belonged to none other than Captain Harper Macleod, a fearless submarine captain. Though still young, he lived a very full life, he saw more of the world than most of us could ever imagine. This morning he is reunited his beloved Anastasia, who passed several months ago. Losing someone like him is never easy but it’s easier to know he wont be alone up there. 

You will be truly missed by Tiffany and I, we love you son.

From Greatest To Least



Slush Puppie

I had a slush puppie so you know how my day went..

Silent Hill Revelation 3D - Official Trailer (by shhistoricalsociety)

GAME OF THRONES In silent hill!

The reporter is jealoussss THATS RIGHT BITCH! THATS RIGHT! hahahaha someone get Robert his pool table!  

Cyclone 60

gave me a migraine in a quarter of a second.. legit